FMCG Recruitment

We work on a multitude of roles, encompassing all facets of the industry i.e. junior staff and senior management teams. We are also able to cover various departments within organizations and have key contacts and extensive networks in regional (APAC) faculties and positions. Having successfully placed operational mangers, general managers, bar managers and a myriad of other roles, we will be able to add value to any organization looking for apt and accurate talents within APAC.

The combination of our consultants’ expertise and our international reach, along with our dedicated research, mapping and profiling function ensures we have a unique platform from which to deliver on our clients’ requirements

Listed below is a brief synopsis of our key strengths and contacts within the industry

  • High-end global nightlife / lounge establishments/ restaurants with global presences
  • Luxury lifestyle brands looking to increase presence/ staffing in Asia.
  • FMCG / Retail organizations
  • Hotel chains focusing on hiring in Asia

  • Please Contact Us or request a call back if you would like to discuss the most suitable solution for your individual needs.

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