Asia-based executive search firm identifies top-paying sectors in demand for skilled talent in China.

Shanghai, China - June 30, 2015 – Leaders in mid-senior level recruitment, ZW HR Consulting has announced the launch of its first China Salary Guide for 2015.

As one of Asia’s most recognized headhunting firms and the longest standing recruitment firm in China, ZW HR Consulting aims to provide employers and jobseekers alike with a comparative overview of salaries throughout China.  The guide is based on recently discovered changes in salary patterns within the diverse fields of Accounting, Banking & Finance, Human Resources, Engineering, IT & Technology, Life Sciences, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain & Logistics – areas in which ZW HR Consulting has built a strong foothold in, with regards to executive recruitment.

According to ZW HR Consulting, a shortage of workers with both strong technical and business skills has caused employers to scramble, whilst also increasing the demand for professionals with specific abilities. 

Key trends as reported in the Salary Guide for 2015 include:

·         Annual Increase in pay from 5-10% to as high as 35% across sectors

·         More companies searching internally for talent, with internal mobility on the rise

·         Candidates are increasingly making career moves to gain career progression and higher salaries

·         IT salaries continuing to show a steady increase, with average salaries growing in the region of 5-10%

·         Due to the value added services that HR Professionals are bringing to business, HR salaries are on the rise.  This is a direct result of the short-to-long-term cost savings processes being implemented by HR in order to streamline processes and becoming more efficient

-         Demand for mechanical and technical engineers has risen due to the growth in the aerospace sector and implementation of additional R&D centers throughout China in key sectors

 “The year 2015 is likely to turn out to be a reasonably good period for skilled professionals,” says Ms. Joyce Jing, General Manager of ZW HR Consulting. “The average salary bands for professionals are up by 10% for 2014/15 as compared to 2013/14 figures; the potential for HR to influence and drive business strategy has never been stronger.  Employers have realized they need to invest more in stronger and more versatile HR professionals.”

Frank Yu, Chairman - ZW HR Consulting, adds, “Against the backdrop of what we’re calling a talent scarcity across China, experienced, skilled professionals can expect to see salary hikes. Indeed, employers will have to consider increasing salaries in order to keep pace with inflation, to attract the right talent, and to retain their critical workforce. This China Salary Guide will help organizations and talented professionals gain a better understanding of the current state of wage pressures.  Our salary guide is an accurate and transparent contextual comparison for mainland China and its key sectors.”

Mr. Yu believes it’s about supply and demand in the firm’s Mainland China hold, “We are seeing a high demand for IT and Life Sciences related jobs as MNCs and large local firms continue to aggressively expand their presence in China.”

In conclusion, the aim of this guide is to provide you with further insight into the latest salary ranges, calculating for various positions across different industries in China. The salary ranges signify actual transactions between employers and employees, therefore best reflecting the Chinese marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about the China Salary Guide 2015 or receive a copy of the salary guide, please visit our website or email us at  

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中国,上海 - 2015630 – 专注于中高层管理职位招聘的上海仲望企业管理咨询有限公司宣布发布其首个2015年中国薪酬报告。 




 “2015年很可能成为拥有专业技能人员的黄金时期,”景红女士,仲望咨询总经理说, “2014/15年平均薪酬比2013/14年增长10%,通过人力资源整合来影响和推动业务发展策略的潜力从来没有如此强大。“ 

余仲望先生, 仲望咨询董事长补充说到,“在中国专业人才短缺的大背景下,技能型人才会有可预见性的工资上涨。事实上,雇主将不得不考虑增加工资,以跟上通货膨胀率,来吸引合适的人才并留住关键员工。这份中国薪酬报告针对中国大陆市场,帮助公司和专业人才更好地了解工资环境的当前状态。“ 



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