Management Team

Frank Yu

Chairman – ZW HR Consulting

ZW HR Consulting Chairman Frank Yu established the company in 1998, despite being relatively new to the world of recruitment. At the time, the headhunting industry didn’t really exist in Shanghai or even in China.

Starting from a small but hardworking contingent, the ZW HR family was born. Over the last sixteen years, Frank has overseen the exponential growth of the company and the industry in general. Opening nine branch offices and increasing the size and scope of the Shanghai headquarters over his sixteen years in charge, Frank has carefully and strategically expanded the company from its grass roots. His company now belongs amongst Asia’s elite recruitment firms and through dedication, hard-work and an ability to communicate to clients and employees at every level, Frank has spearheaded ZW’s rise with a professionalism that is a telling reflection of the company’s values.

Joyce Jing

General Manager -ZW

HR Consulting

Joyce Jing began her working career in the insurance industry, climbing the ranks incredibly quickly as a young Finance and Economics graduate. Working in Canada while starting a family was the next step in Joyce’s burgeoning career before returning to China and accepting a senior role with ZW HR Consulting, then named GEN Consulting.

As the General Manager of ZW HR, Joyce has overseen some remarkable changes in the growth of the company. From opening nine branches throughout China to becoming the first Chinese executive recruitment firm to expand overseas with the opening of the Singapore office, Joyce has undoubtedly proven herself as a great leader with a visionary perspective of the recruitment market.

Responsible for ZW HR’s entry into the InterSearch Global organization in 2012, Joyce has helped build and internationalize a company which has helped many of the world’s biggest firms find the right talent to further their own business interests throughout the APAC region.

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